Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's an update.


  • You can now toggle on and off the different tiers of weapon skills via the "traits" menu
  • Added ability to ban spells in VS mode


  • Claw arm now replaces third combo attack with grab move, like other prosthetic arms
  • Increased VS mode win condition from "first to 3 kills" to "first to 5 kills"
  • Removed fishanha ability to crit
  • Made the timing of humanoids' three-hit attack pattern much more forgiving
  • Altered the ability of Powered Arms: They now shoot lasers and slightly auto-target nearby enemies
  • In Co-op, the "telepathic" status effect now only highlights enemies on the affected character's split-screen
  • Slight minor alterations and improvements to the UI here and there
  • Increased cooldown time between Ogo attacks
  • Eeols now take extra damage from Push and Break cast by swallowed creatures
  • Normal Bear has a new, better death animation
  • Dead players appear as ghosts now on the level generation screen in Co-op
  • You can now blast through the fragile ice passages in the AC with Breakthrough


  • Crash: Various menu-related crashes in Co-op
  • Crash: Crash upon loading a game throwing a "boon_list" error message
  • Crash: Various other crashes
  • Bug: Casting Shadow Cloak to dismiss it will still siphon dark charges from the environment
  • Bug: Can siphon dark charges from frozen corpses indefinitely
  • Bug: Eeols can detect humanoid targets through walls
  • Bug: Fixed several issues with prosthetic limbs
  • Bug: Claw arms don't animate properly
  • Bug: Sometimes reloading a game after dying results in a stage of solid blocks
  • Bug: Bear doesn't awaken in co-op as long as the screen is split
  • Bug: HP for ghost players in co-op sometimes displays as a non-zero value
  • Bug: Ghost players can still be controlled and partially seen during level generation
  • Misc: Improved performance of reaper's lingering slices


Catacomb Kids (OSX) 205 MB
Jun 27, 2022
Catacomb Kids (Windows) 203 MB
Jun 27, 2022
Catacomb Kids (Linux) 203 MB
Jun 27, 2022

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