​Postjam Update 1!

I accidentally worked on this a bunch over the past two days when I meant to be doing other things! I had intended to just fix some bugs but oops I added a bunch of items! No new enemies (yet) but I still hope to add the whole retinue of uppercase letters at some point. Alas, I have much work to do elsewhere so I fear my time spent on Atgtha may be sporadic at best.

Also! Since there seems to have been moderate-to-significant interest in how I made the game so juicy and jiggly and whatnot, I figured I'd dedicate one of my dev-streams to talking about how to juice up ya game in GMS2 (and possibly also relevant to other tools??)! 

If you're free pop on over to...

Thursday 3/26
at...let's say 2pm PDT (9pm UDT)...

...to hear/watch me ramble about the fantasticitude of lerp and lengthdir!

In any case, I hope you all are doing well in this mad mad world. I'm not! But making games helps a lot.

Changes below:


  • Extra tooltips give more information on certain items and enemies
  • Added lava, fire, and ice
  • Added dark rooms
  • Added several new items:
    • Windowless Shield
    • Wand of Fireplanes
    • Staff of Sprouts
    • Iron Foam Finger
    • Rowdy Dao
    • Trouble-Barreled Shotgun
    • Javel Inc.
  • Each equipment class (!,],),=,},/) now has at least 5 unique items!
  • Added "Shiny" items with more unique perks that make dead-end rooms more worthwhile


  • Wand o' Zapping now has an increasing chance to explode as it's used
  • Enemies now die when forced into void tiles by Kickin' K'shoes or Choo Choo Chain
  • Old Man now has an intro message to start the fight
  • Vault rooms now appear less frequently
  • Equipped Blood Belts are now destroyed when struck by a Fangus
  • Made attacks a bit more clear so the player knows which entities are attacking
  • Made the Amulet and Exit both spawn sooner
  • Corncob now only decreases by discovering deeper rooms, not just any room
  • Doors that bring you deeper are now more visually distinct
  • Defeating Old Mans now always heals you to full
  • Crime Swords no longer spawn outside of using the Chainmail Balaclava
  • Made Guerrila Gauntlets green
  • Renamed Dramatic Katana to Drama Katana


  • Crash: Infinite loop in turn ordering
  • Bug: Ravin's sometimes spontaneously die when landing
  • Bug: Snackes don't properly throw themselves into the mouths of their allies
  • Bug: Inescapable dead-ends should no longer occur*
  • Bug: Math Bomb's explosion affects a much further range than it looks like
  • Minor: Various typos

*Emphasis on "should"


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Mar 25, 2020

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Keepup the hard work

Hey, thanks a bunch for the update! I'll pop over in your stream tomorrow!