Post-Jam Update

Hey! Here's a quick post-jam update with bugfixes and a few new features. This will probably be the last free public version barring any game-breaking bugs, but I'm quite happy with the results of this jam and plan to keep working on H.V.N.T.R.S. to bring it to a commercially viable state. 

If you want to support that version of the game and get private updated versions you can support me on Patreon. Alternatively just keep an eye out for a much more polished and online version sometime in the coming months. Fingers crossed this becomes something cool!

Here are the patch notes!


  • Picking up a stackable item to replace a non-stackable item removed all copies of the non-stackable item from your inventory
  • Rapier does only 1 damage instead of 2
  • Sometimes levels generate without exits
  • "Pick up goodies" hat function didn't work
  • Throwing health potions also heals the thrower, even if they aren't hit
  • Items now fall down holes
  • Fixed a complicated-to-explain bug with backing out to the menu from within a single-player game
  • Daggers deal the damage of the previous item instead of backstabbing when first switched to
  • Input stops working when selected character dies in 2+party single-player
  • Misc fixes


  • Hellbeasts can now destroy walls to get you, and behave more intelligently
  • The Hellbeast now dwells on floor 4
  • Added a visual transition when going from one floor to the next
  • The first areas are a bit easier, with fewer enemies
  • Items break when thrown repeatedly
  • Shields break after taking 15 hits.
  • Increased damage of thrown axes
  • Now passively pick up crossbow bolts even without the crossbow in your main hand
  • Options are now saved, and you can rebind keyboard controls
  • Changed the default controls slightly
  • On keyboard, cycling backwards through characters in single player is now "Shift+[Next]"
  • In single-player parties, moving to the next character queues the current one to wait, if they have no other action queued
  • Burning enemies catch grass alight
  • Added a new item - Garlic Charm
  • Reduced queued action delay in multiplayer when there are no enemies visible
  • Main-hand item is now drawn on players
  • Hellbeast flashes bodypart performing current attack
  • Other stuff

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Mar 13, 2018

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