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WAR FOX, notorious spacenary* with a longing for danger and a reckless disregard for collateral damage, has been hired by rebel forces in the LYLE star system to help overthrow their dictatorial star-king, ENDBOSS. Take part in an adventure† that will take you across the stars as you struggle to save LYLE from the clutches of its tyrannical ruler and get paid!

Not actually an adventure

How to Play:

Player 1: -cursor keys- -space-
Player 2: -w:a:s:d- -return-

ROLL.OK - Double-tap left or right to barrel roll.
BOOST.OK - Double-tap up and hold it to boost.
LOOP.OK - Tap up then down and hold it to perform a loop.

Rings restore some health and energy.

Kill the other player to win!

If you get caught in the explosion you die!

Install instructions




WARFOX64.exe 7 MB

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